Did stem cell procedure result in patient's brain damage?

Doctors do not always understand that there are limits as to any sort of medical treatment. Only on television melodramas do risky procedures consistently pay off.

One physician used a controversial stem cell practice in the treatment of a number of patients. Unfortunately, the use of this treatment in order to prevent nerve damage in the legs of a female patient may have resulted in brain injury that ultimately led to her death.

This matter ultimately led to the suspension of the treating doctor’s medical license. He has a variety of supporters that have claimed his stem cell treatments have resulted in dramatic changes in their lives.

Unfortunately, this does not change the fact that a woman died – possibly due to the time of treatment this doctor administered. Whether that actually did occur will likely be decided by a jury. Still, the mistake of some doctors is to assume that one particular type of treatment is automatically beneficial to all patients.

Every medical situation is unique and requires a specific type of treatment that may work for that patient and not for anyone else. Some patients have allergies to particular types of medications, other patients are not in good enough health to receive particular therapies, and still others will receive benefit from a type of treatment that may cause harm to other patients.

Pittsburgh patients that are injured because of particular treatments recommended by doctors may need to contact medical malpractice attorneys to pursue action. These attorneys can analyze the cases to determine if particular procedures ordered were unnecessary or harmful.

Source: Naples News, “Hearing starts for doctor accused of using stem cell procedure,” by Liz Freeman, Oct. 16, 2012