Neurosurgeon performs large number of unnecessary surgeries

A neurosurgeon was reported as having performed ten times more the number of multiple spinal-fusion operations than other neurosurgeons. This doctor has been sued 34 times for medical malpractice, and the majority of these cases involve surgical errors due to the performance of unnecessary surgeries.

It is believed that he performed the high number of surgeries because of the profits that could be made, but many of these surgeries were ill-advised. Much of the practices of this neurosurgeon can be accessed by Pennsylvania readers on the Medicare claims database.

The neurosurgeon was forbidden to perform surgery altogether at the hospital in which he was employed. Yet despite the number of medical malpractice filings made against him, this doctor continues to advertise his so-called neurosurgical expertise.

I suppose nobody should be surprised that medical doctors are often influenced by profits in the making of medical decisions. Unfortunately, as in the above circumstances, the making of profits involves the performance of unnecessary surgeries upon patients.

We’ve stated several times the dangers that patients face when even legitimate surgeries are performed. Surgeries are invasive, and involve the cutting open of the body with the knife. Patients often suffer adverse reactions to anesthesia. And the more surgical procedures that are performed, the greater is the possibility that a surgical mistake will be made.

Medical malpractice attorneys will represent clients when unnecessary surgeries are performed for financial gain. These attorneys are familiar with accepted medical care as opposed to treatment that is risky and not beneficial.

We can’t afford to allow doctors to perform surgeries without any medical justification. The chances of harm are far too great.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Doctor in Repeat-Surgery Probe Gives Up License,” by John Carreyrou and Tom McGinty, Oct. 11, 2012