Surgical errors that resulted in brain injury

discipline these medical professionals. Even after large medical malpractice verdicts have been returned, doctors often retain their same positions and can be guilty of additional medical mistakes.

One doctor reportedly had problems clearing a tracheotomy tube, and the deprivation of oxygen that came about due to this delay caused the patient brain damage. Another doctor left the delivery room while reports of fetal heart monitoring were showing signs of distress, and the child was then born with cerebral palsy and brain injury.

In these and many other cases, the doctors were not disciplined for what occurred. In some cases, technicalities prevented further discipline from taking place. In others, the disciplinary boards did not receive any notice that an injury ever occurred.

Yet the one constant in many cases where medical mistakes were alleged were the large medical malpractice verdicts being returned against the negligent doctors. If not for these lawsuits, it’s quite possible that the doctors involved would have escaped notice altogether.

Attorneys that regularly practice in the medical malpractice area understand the frustrations of patients and family members in seeing that medical mistakes are addressed. Though governing boards may only be able to do so much in certain circumstances, verdicts of $2.1 million, which occurred in the clogged tracheotomy case mentioned above, or one of $4.6 million against the doctor that left the delivery room – even if no disciplinary actions took place – are guaranteed to receive a significant amount of attention.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal, “Some doctors not disciplined, even following large malpractice settlements,” by David Wahlberg, Jan. 28, 2013