Woman suffers brain damage while delivering child

It seems that a mother undergoing a Cesarean section received too much anesthesia that ultimately resulted in brain damage. After two hours of labor, the woman was given an epidural. It appears, however, that the epidural somehow became dislodged without the knowledge of the staff, and the medical providers then decided to administer spinal anesthesia because the epidural was not working.

Possibly because an excessive amount of anesthesia was administered to her, the woman suffered acute respiratory failure that likely led to oxygen deprivation to the brain. It has been claimed that a smaller dose of anesthesia would have been sufficient to avoid all of the ensuing complications.

A lawsuit has now been filed on behalf of the 18-year old mother. The hospital has been accused of negligently placing the epidural while also administering too high of a dose of the powerful spinal anesthesia. The woman is said to have suffered physical pain, mental anguish, physical and mental impairment, disability and disfigurement. Her and her family has been forced to expend a great deal of money for medical expenses and other costs, and it appears that she will suffer future wage loss as well.

Though administration of anesthesia is a routine procedure practiced daily at every medical facility, errors occurring during this administration are far too frequent. Even during the most routine of procedures, safety protocol needs to be in place to prevent errors from ever occurring.

If the allegations in this case are correct, the hospital has essentially taken everything away from the young mother. Instead of taking care of the child, she will likely require around the clock care.

Medical malpractice attorneys can assist those injured by medical malpractice and their family members recover compensation for what has occurred. Though this will never make up for the damage that has already been done, at least the family may be able to carry on as the result of a favorable verdict in a lawsuit without having to worry about how the medical bills will be paid for.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Malpractice suit claims teen suffered brain damage from too much anesthesia,” by Michelle Keahey, Dec. 30, 2012