Missed meningitis diagnosis led to brain damage?

A mother is claiming that the failure to diagnose her daughter’s viral meningitis has now led to the girl being brain damaged. By bringing a lawsuit against the doctor, the woman says she hopes there will be more awareness concerning meningitis, and that doctors will be urged to perform more spinal taps if a patient exhibits symptoms of the disease.

The mother brought her daughter to the doctor due to the symptoms that she was suffering. Instead of performing more extensive tests, the doctor allegedly told the mother that the daughter was likely suffering from allergies.

The mother now claims that the doctor dismissed the idea that the daughter may be suffering from meningitis. However, the doctor later supposedly wrote a medical note stating she suspected viral meningitis, but the doctor still did not perform a spinal tap.

The doctor reportedly also told the mother that no further tests were required. The mother and daughter were then sent home with allergy medications. Two days later the daughter had a seizure, and the daughter was later diagnosed as having suffered a stroke due to undiagnosed meningitis.

Such a circumstance demonstrates that a seemingly minor missed diagnosis can lead to major consequences. The failure to immediately treat symptoms can lead to an even worse malady.

Attorneys will do what they can to help patients receive compensation when such mistakes are made. However, proving such a mistake can be extremely difficult, and that’s why individuals should consult with attorneys experienced in the medical malpractice area.

Unfortunately, there is often very little that can be done for the patient to reverse the consequences of a medical mistake. However, the family may at least be provided with the resources so that ongoing medical care can be provided.

Source: Lowell Sun, “Lowell medical malpractice trial set to begin,” Feb. 27, 2013