Jury verdict of $130 million in birth injury case

After a ten year delay, a family was finally awarded $130 million in a birth injury case that reportedly involved medical malpractice. This was actually the third trial to take place. The verdict in the first trial was favorable to the hospital, but that verdict was later reversed. A second trial resulted in a hung jury, and the third ended with the above mentioned verdict.

Neither the attorney for the child nor the attorneys for the hospital are convinced this is the end of the matter, however. It’s likely that attorneys for the hospital will move for yet another trial, or even attempt to have the jury set aside.

The attorney representing the family apparently had persuaded the family to turn down an offer from the hospital to settle the matter for $8 million. Though the above verdict seems to have proved him correct, we will probably never know if he was correct until all appeals are resolved and the family begins receiving any money from this matter.

It’s because these matters can be so ongoing and have so much at stake that clients considering bringing such suits should look for attorneys that are experienced in the medical malpractice area. Besides persevering in these matters, attorneys need to understand the types of expenses that families of birth-injured children face.

Birth injuries are possibly the saddest of all medical type incidents. A possible failure of medical staff to communicate with each other possibly led to a young girl suffering severe and long lasting disabilities.


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