Hospital sued after endoscopy results in brain injury

When it comes to patient care, medical professionals must always be vigilant. There is no room for error on the job. If they fail to provide the best care for their patients, serious injuries or death may occur. When this happens in California, the medical facility may be sued.

A young woman was recently taken to the hospital by her parents after she complained of stomach pains. While at the hospital, she underwent an endoscopy. This routine medical procedure left the woman with a brain injury that prevents her from speaking, moving, or seeing. Due to her vegetative state, her parents have moved her to long-term care facility. They have also filed a lawsuit against the hospital where she the procedure took place, citing negligence and carelessness. 

A lawyer for the parents claims that the woman’s permanent vegetative state could have been prevented if her brain had received the proper amount of oxygen during the procedure. The lawsuit states that something went wrong 20 minutes into the endoscopy, a procedure in which a camera is placed down the throat. This procedure took place in January of this year, and the parents have stated that they have already spent all of their money caring for their daughter.

These parents are undoubtedly facing a lifetime of medical expenses. This lawsuit may be able to help them pay for their daughter’s care.  If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of a medical professional, you may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer may be of assistance. 

Source: NBC New York, “Family Sues Hospital For Negligence After Daughter Left Brain Damaged,” Tracie Strahan, May 6, 2013