Lawsuit claims that medication error resulted in birth defects

When a patient is prescribed medication, they usually assume the medication will cure their ailments and make them feel better. Unfortunately for the citizens in Pennsylvania, this is not always the case. Medication errors occur when a patient is prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, and occasionally, the problem is with the medication itself. When this happens, devastating consequences can follow.

A lawsuit has been filed against a pharmaceutical and health care company for selling a drug that causes birth defects in the heart, spine, and other areas. The lawsuit states that the company had the responsibility to warn people about the potential hazards of ingesting the drug. These dangers seem to be even greater when the drug is taken during pregnancy. Even if the company did not know about the dangers associated with the drug, the lawsuit claims that they should have known. 

The drug, which is known by several different names, including Depakote, is prescribed to help people who are suffering from epilepsy. The drug was taken by the plaintiffs’ mothers and they claim the drug was the cause of the problems they were born with; the plaintiffs are minors. . The lawsuit claims that the company should be held responsible for compensating the plaintiffs because there were flaws in the design and the testing of the drug.

When it comes to prescription medication errors, the side effects and costs to the victims can be enormous. They often face a host of challenges including permanent injury. Patients who are negatively impacted due to medication errors have a right to be compensated for their pain and suffering, as well as for their medical bills. A lawyer may be of assistance in this area. 

Source: The Madison-St. Claire Record “Three dozen plaintiffs file another suit over Depakote; Cases mounting in So. District of Illinois,” Bethany Krajelis, May 2, 2013