Rare surgical mistake leads to woman’s loss of function

There are many people involved in any surgery that is performed in a hospital in Pittsburgh. Nurses, doctors, and other staff may be on hand to guarantee that the procedure goes smoothly, and that the person is recovering well after surgery. If a surgical mistake is made, the patient may choose to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice, and seek money for any injuries or pain and suffering that occurred as a result of that mistake.

Hospital administrators are referring to privacy laws to avoid making a statement on a lawsuit that was filed by a woman who opted to have brain surgery to correct the mini strokes she had suffered from over the years. A combination of mistakes may have been made that led her neurosurgeon to complete the operation on the wrong side of her brain.

The woman’s attorney is seeking damages for his client, who he claims is unable to care for herself or speak legibly after the procedure. The correct surgery was performed a week after the first, but failed to correct the problems caused by the surgical mistake.

This particular woman faces many changes in her life as she works to recover from the mistake made by health care professionals. Whether she recovers the ability to care for herself or not, her life may not ever be the same again. If it is found that the doctor or the hospital is responsible for what happened to the woman, she may be given money to make up for the mistake. Any person who feels they have been on the receiving end of a malpractice situation may benefit from consulting with an attorney.

Source: St. Louis Post Dispatch, “Lawsuit accuses surgeon of operating on wrong side of woman’s brain,” Jim Doyle, April 30, 2013