Musical performance may have led to brain injury

The Billboard Music Award Show is an event honoring the bestselling musical artists in the United States. Awards are given out in several different categories based on chart performance, number of downloads, and airplay. The awards show also features performances by popular musicians. The evening is supposed to be a fun celebration for music insiders and fans from all over the country, including Pennsylvania. At this year’s show, however, the light hearted fun turned dangerous and one fan is suffering the consequences. 

Producers of the Billboard Music Awards’ and 27-year-old singer Miguel may be facing a lawsuit after a stunt gone awry at during his musical performance at the 2013 awards show. A woman in the audience was injured during his performance and her lawyer alleges that she may have a brain injury and that she is experiencing cognitive difficulties. The outcome of neurological tests will determine whether she files a lawsuit, according to her lawyer.

The injury occurred when the R&B singer attempted to leap over the audience onto a separate section of the stage. This jump did not go as intended however, and Miguel slammed into two women who were standing in crowd. One of the women was kicked in the head. The woman’s lawyer alleges that after the incident occurred the Billboard Music Awards’ did not take proper measures to ensure the woman was okay. Instead of having her looked at by a doctor, she was simply given an ice pack.

Brain injuries are extremely serious. They can lead to a permanent disability and long-term care. If you or a loved one has experienced brain trauma, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. A lawyer may be able to help. 

Source: NY Daily News, “Miguel could face lawsuit after leaping kick on fan’s head at Billboard Music Awards may have caused brain damage,” Chiderah Monde, June 4, 2013