Pennsylvania lawsuits gain speed as new mother joins claim

Pregnancy is often a time of excitement mixed with trepidation about the future. As a mother grows a baby within her womb, it becomes necessary for her to begin thinking of the things she allows into her body and how they will affect her newborn. Because babies receive many of the same substances the mother intakes, harmful medications, drugs and alcohol may lead to birth injuries that are devastating for mom and baby. Many mothers rely on their doctors and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that the things they are taking are safe for both them and their babies.

Makers of the popular anti-depressant Zoloft face a new plaintiff in the lawsuit that alleges the medication caused birth injuries in newborns after pregnant women took the medication. Studies done by the maker of the medication in the early 90s showed a risk for birth defects, and the lawsuit claims the information should have been disclosed to women and their doctors.

The newest mother on the lawsuit claims the medication led to the death of her newborn son, and has claimed in her lawsuit that both the original and generic versions of the drug are harmful for pregnant women.

Critics of the pharmaceutical company claim the drug was pushed on women who were pregnant or nursing, even though no testing had been done on either. With several families losing children and facing injuries that significantly affect their lives and the lives of their children, any woman who took the medication when she was pregnant may benefit from consulting an attorney.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Texas woman files Zoloft products liability claim in Phila. federal court, Pfizer defends pharmaceutical,” Jon Campisi, July 20, 2013