Child with Cerebral Palsy after stroke in utero defies odds

When a woman in Pennsylvania is pregnant, it may be important for her to have regular monitoring of the baby and regular doctor appointments to ensure the baby is developing correctly and that there are not any serious problems with either the baby’s health or the health of the mother. Without proper monitoring, birth injuries may occur that lead to a difficult life for the child and the parents. Many things that happen while a child is developing may be prevented with the right technology and a doctor who is knowledgeable and does his or her job correctly.

A young Alabama boy was told he would never walk or talk after he had a stroke while in the womb and was born two months premature. The child is now five and works out regularly with an MMA fighter, providing inspiration for all those who are told they can’t do something.

The child was born with Cerebral Palsy after a brain bleed from his stroke. Although he requires help with everyday tasks, he has defied the odds and proved several doctors wrong regarding his abilities. His mother claims she can see his personality when he spends time with the MMA fighter.

Although this story may be inspiring, others may not have the same benefit. When a doctor or other medical professional is negligent and the result is a serious birth injury, a family may be asked to adjust their lives drastically because of the mistake of another. Many birth injuries can be avoided with quality care from a doctor, and families should always be aware of their rights when a doctor is negligent.

Source: ABC, “Child with Cerebral Palsy an inspiration for all,” Mark Freeman, August 17, 2013