Woman claims in lawsuit that slow response led to injuries

During a surgery, doctors and other health care professionals in Pennsylvania may closely monitor a patient to determine if there are unforeseen complications with the surgery. If a problem arises, it may be necessary to quickly start procedures to repair the issue before the person suffers a serious brain injury or other complications. There may be times where a doctor or hospital is held responsible for trauma to a patient if the right protocols are not in place to prevent serious illness or injury that could have been prevented.

A woman is seeking close to ten million dollars in a lawsuit after she says the hospital that performed her surgery failed to implement precautionary measures once her operation started to go south. She claims she suffers from organ failure, respiratory failure, an anoxic brain injury and several other debilitating illnesses as a result of her surgery. 

The surgery was elective and within hours of completion she began to bleed internally, although she claims it was several days before the hospital and doctors worked to fix the problem. After the surgery, doctors had to remove one of her kidneys and she spent three months on a ventilator because of the complications.

Although the surgery may have been elective, the complications from what should have been a routine operation were not. In this situation, the doctors involved may be held responsible for the woman’s injuries and the distress she suffered after the surgery. Any person who has suffered a brain injury due to what they feel is incompetence by a hospital or physician may benefit from consulting an attorney about their case.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Woman blames Kaiser for multi-organ failure,” Barbara Wallace, July 31, 2013