iPad app being tested in area school to better manage concussions

In a recent post we touched on the importance of young athletes being treated and diagnosed properly when they suffer a concussion while participating in sports programs. If medical professionals clear them to play before they are physically ready or the level of their injuries are misdiagnosed, it can cause even more serious brain trauma and neurological problems. Now, a pilot program involving five Pennsylvania school districts will use concussion diagnostic tool on the iPad to help track symptoms and make accurate diagnosis.

When a player is suspected of suffering a concussion, the app will allow that individual’s symptoms and other data to be uploaded to a cloud where doctors can access the information. This will allow them to better determine the necessary recovery time. It will also help them manage brain injuries better because the lasting effects vary greatly from one person to the next. In the past, sideline tests have been purely cognitive. This diagnostic tool will include a variety of tests to assess how the injury has impacted one’s balance, vision and reflexes. Having all of this information immediately accessible to doctors in Pennsylvania will be very beneficial.

Despite this technological advancement, there may still be times when a student is misdiagnosed. If you feel that your child did not receive suitable medical attention after a concussion or brain trauma, you may want to discuss the details of the medical care with an attorney. You may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses and/or long-term care relating to the injury.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Concussion diagnostic tool goes from hospital to sidelines,” Robert Zullo, Sep. 21, 2013.