Driver didn't think she would hit pedestrian while turning

When something happens while driving, many people instinctively make an excuse. When a driver hits a motorcyclist, he or she may say “I didn’t see him!” When one driver turns left in front of another driver going straight, he or she may say, “I thought I could make the turn!” The excuses are normal, but that doesn’t mean that they are acceptable. Drivers can give all the excuses they want, but when their negligence causes an accident, they can be held responsible.

Unfortunately, a recent pedestrian accident in Ellwood City has created a new excuse: the driver thought she wouldn’t hit the pedestrian when turning at the intersection. It is not entirely clear what the details of the accident were or how the driver thought she could avoid the elderly pedestrian, but the driver misjudged the turn, striking the woman and killing her.

The 82-year-old pedestrian had presumably been crossing the street when she was hit. She was quickly taken to the hospital but, unfortunately, she died after she was admitted.

Again, there is not a tremendous amount of information about the accident and police are investigating. When they are done, they may choose to file criminal charges against the driver.

Even if charges aren’t filed, the pedestrian’s surviving family members could choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit. It is clear that the driver didn’t mean to hit the woman and it is likely that she actually believes her excuse, but that does not mean she still should not be held responsible for causing a fatal pedestrian accident.

Source: WPXI, “Elderly woman dies from injuries sustained in pedestrian accident; Investigation ongoing,” Oct. 30, 2013