28-year-old man killed in car accident, 2 more injured

A tragic accident has claimed the life of a 28-year-old man and left a 30-year-old woman and an 8-month-old girl injured. While the woman and girl were flown to two different Pittsburgh hospitals, it is still unknown just how serious their injuries are. Moreover, there is little information on whether doctors believe they will ever recover.

The man was killed in a car accident just south of Pittsburgh in Morris Township. The Washington man had been rushed to Washington Hospital, but he soon succumbed to his fatal injuries. It seems the accident was caused when a 46-year-old woman crossed into oncoming traffic and slammed into the man’s SUV. Although the woman was also killed in the accident, it does not necessarily preclude the man’s family members from filing a wrongful death lawsuit or the injured woman and girl from filing personal injury lawsuits.

When the person alleged to have caused a car accident dies in the accident, his or her estate can be sued to compensate the victims of the accident. While it may be harder to file a lawsuit against an estate, especially since a victim cannot rely on testimony from the individual who caused the crash, if it is possible to show that the driver was responsible the victims can collect.

Though it is not yet known if any lawsuits have been filed, it will certainly be something that the woman and young girl will need to consider as they recuperate from their injuries. Moreover, the Washington man’s surviving family members will need to make similar decisions about a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “2 Killed In Washington Co. Crash, 2 More Injured,” Trina Orlando, Dec. 26, 2013