After six-year decline, car accident crash rate increases

A recent finding by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may raise more questions than it answers. Specifically, NHTSA data indicates that motor vehicle accidents increased in 2012. The finding is especially disheartening considering that crash rates have been declining in the past six consecutive years.

Researchers haven’t specifically identified a causal relationship between increased cell phone use behind the wheel and the crash data. However, anyone that has committed this behavior knows that, at best, such activities take a driver’s eyes and concentration off the road. At worst, the behavior can cause an accident.

Drivers should take care on Pennsylvania’s roads in the upcoming weeks. Winter weather conditions can make roads slippery. In addition, the upcoming holidays pose a potential distraction to individuals behind the wheel. Even if a driver is not texting, thoughts of holiday party planning or gift giving may divert a driver’s attention the traffic in front of him or her.

A motor vehicle accident attorney knows that the potential for crashes can increase during this time of year. For those injured by another driver’s negligence, an experienced attorney might provide a sense of relief. An attorney can assist in the filing of a personal injury lawsuit and any necessary investigative work during the discovery phase, such as crash scene reconstructions and reviewing any witness or police report evidence.   

An attorney may be able to develop a theory of the case that demonstrates to jury members how the other driver failed to obey traffic laws or drove in a manner or speed that was reckless and caused the crash.

Source:, “NHTSA Study: Increased Crashes, Fatalities in 2012,” Nov. 20, 2013