Pennsylvania lawsuit won over brain injury in baby boy

Most people do not have the means to treat their own medical needs. Pennsylvania families need to be able to trust medical professionals when they or someone they love needs care. Unfortunately, physicians and other caregivers can make mistakes and the results can be catastrophic. Sometimes these mistakes may even cause a traumatic brain injury from which there is little or no hope of recovery.

A medical malpractice lawsuit recently ruled in a family’s favor after it was determined that their son’s cerebral palsy, which may be the result of a brain injury, was caused by the negligence of the professionals caring for him. According to the jury, at the time of the boy’s birth, he should have been delivered by Caesarean section because his brain wasn’t getting the proper amount of oxygen. The jury felt that both the doctor in charge of his care and the hospital failed to pay attention to signs that would have prevented this from happening.

The hospital denies any responsibility for the boy’s condition. The parents of the boy say that their son’s cerebral palsy has caused him to be developmentally delayed. They will have to face many obstacles with their son, one of which will be the costs associated with the care required for his condition.

No family should ever have to deal with the trauma of a brain injury in a loved one, especially one that was caused by the negligence of someone they trusted. If someone finds themselves in a similar situation to the couple in this case, he or she may wish to file a civil claim here in Pennsylvania. If the claim were successful, any awarded financial compensation could be used for the ongoing care of the affected family member. No amount of money can reverse the little boy’s condition but perhaps it will help improve his quality of life.

Source:, Jury awards family $55 million for boy’s injuries at birth at Pa. hospital, No author, Dec. 24, 2013