Brain-injured girl receives large settlement from birth injury

Medical errors are one of the most potentially frightening events that a person could ensure. When seeking medical care, Pennsylvania residents put their lives in the hands of others, trusting in the quality and effectiveness of the treatment and attention they will receive. For pregnant mothers, the issue can be even more complicated as concerns for their as-yet unborn children take precedence. Birth injuries are among the most devastating experiences for parents and can leave newborn babies in need of long-term care due to serious injuries or various forms of permanent disability.

One little girl who was born at Phoenixville Hospital is in such a situation, according to the birth injury case in which a jury recently returned with a verdict and settlement. The girl, who is now four years old, suffered a brain injury due to the actions of two negligent nurses that left her with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. In compensation for her injuries, the jury has awarded the girl 32.8 million.

A news article indicated that the mother’s pregnancy had been free of serious problems or complications and the birth was expected to be the same. However, during the labor process, the baby’s heart rate plummeted to 60 beats per minute from the normal 150. Neither of the two nurses present alerted the doctor. Thirteen minutes later, the doctor entered the room and noticed the low heart rate, indicating that an emergency Caesarean should be performed.

Large awards for instances of medical malpractice may not be common but are certainly available when situations are severe. Any parent who believes that his or her child was injured due to a negligent doctor, negligent nurse or other professional may be best helped by talking to an attorney to learn more about the laws that govern these situations.

Source: Daily Times, “Jury gives $32.M to girl in Chesco medical malpractice case,” Michael P. Rellahan, January 22, 2014