Concern for patient safety highlighted

Medical errors have been the subject of many news headlines since recent data now shows such instances to be a leading cause of death nationwide. Patients in Pennsylvania are at risk of injury or death when seeking medical care on a daily basis. Problems can arise in any situation and for parents birth injuries can be extremely traumatic as their newborn babies can be left with permanent disability, brain injury and more as the result of actions by a negligent doctor or negligent nurse.

An article that was recently published in the media suggested that concerns about patient safety do not receive the level of attention and care that they deserve. The author indicates that there is sufficient information that should make it clear what is needed to protect patients against complications in a delivery process, surgery or other medical setting but that those actions are not taken. Rather, efforts focus on how to protect healthcare providers and facilities against liability and compensation for such injuries.

As an example, the article referenced efforts by New York’s Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center. The hospital’s labor and delivery unit development and implemented a far-reaching program to increase the safety of all patients. The results were dramatic. Both the number of reported errors and the associated compensation payments decreased. In fact, the payments reduced by a whopping 99.1 percent.

The article’s writer poses many questions that should make all patients think and give consideration to talking with an attorney when a medical error is suspected.

Source: Huffington Post, “Patient Safety Takes a Back Seat, Once Again,” Joanne Doroshow, January 20, 2014