Doctors face $900,000 lawsuit for delayed diagnosis of cancer

Breast cancer has one of the highest survival rates of any type of cancer. Still, early detection is necessary to increase the chances of survival. Women in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in the United States are urged to get mammograms on an annual basis after the age of 40; experts recommend that others with a history of cancer in the family get them sooner. Even if women follow these guidelines and get mammograms regularly, it is still possible that a negligent doctor might fail to detect the disease.

A woman in Wisconsin recently filed a $900,000 lawsuit against a team of doctors for a delayed diagnosis of her breast cancer. Despite the fact that the four medical professionals had performed multiple mammograms and ultrasounds on the woman’s left breast, they failed to diagnosis the condition in a timely manner. The woman and her husband are seeking damages for her enduring pain and mental anguish as a result of the delayed diagnosis, as well as disability and disfigurement. They are also seeking compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. By the time the cancer was diagnosed, the disease had spread and her condition worsened. The cancer is now considered to be quite aggressive.

Anyone who believes that a negligent doctor failed to diagnose cancer or another serious medical condition in a timely manner may want to consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Civil suits are about more than just money; they also keep medical professionals and healthcare facilities accountable for their actions. The threat of legal action and a large settlement increases makes them rethink their procedures and practices so that they can improve their level of care for future patients.

Source: Madison-St. Clair Record, “Woman sues doctors claiming they failed to timely diagnose breast cancer,” Kelly Holleran, Dec. 30, 2013