Pennsylvania receives C+ grade for emergency care

Residents in Pennsylvania look to the state’s hospital system for scheduled and emergency care in times of need. Knowing that the right care is available and proper treatment will be dispensed is something that each person should be able to trust in. However, problems can occur, turning patients into victims. Whether it is understaffed hospitals and long waiting times or a doctor’s failure to diagnose a problem correctly or at all, the possible consequences can be serious and long-lasting.

An article that was recently published in the media reviewed a recent rating of each state by the American College of Emergency Physicians. The report showed many positive things for Pennsylvania emergency care but left the state with an overall grade of only a C+ due to what it noted as deficiencies in many areas that could leave the public in jeopardy of harm.

Among the problems cited by the group was the lack of statewide registries for prescription medications as well as for psychiatric beds in hospitals. The former makes abuse of such drugs more possible while the latter leaves too many patients waiting for extended periods of time in emergency rooms without obtaining the necessary care. The group is also calling for further reform regarding medical malpractice laws. Medical errors can include any act of a negligent physician or other provider such as a misdiagnosed cancer or an act that leads to a worsened condition.

Patients in Pennsylvania want to be aware of the quality of their care at all times. If you are concerned about a potential medical error, you may wish to speak to a malpractice attorney who can advise you on the law and your options.

Source:, “Emergency room doctors have some controversial advice for Pennsylvania: Editorial,” January 17, 2014