Technology leveraged in hospital efforts to increase safety

Medical errors are noted to be one of the top three causes of death around the country. The nature of such errors can range dramatically from mistakes made during surgeries, missed or incorrect diagnoses, failure to provide proper treatment and more, putting residents in Pennsylvania at risk every day. Medication errors are also among the list of the most common problems that occur and result in serious injury or even death.

As medical providers and facilities around the country struggle with how to ensure safety in medications and practices for dispensing them, one news article recently reported on how a particular cancer center in Texas is addressing the issue. The Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston hired a medical safety consultant to lead a team of medical professionals in efforts to improve medication safety at the hospital.

What resulted was the development of eight different videos reviewing various ways that hospital personnel could prevent a fatal medication error or other serious injury. In less than a period of one year, the eight Powerpoint files were viewed approximately 3,500 times. Team leaders and department heads utilized them in trainings and staff development and they are also posted on the company Intranet. The use of technology to help educate medical providers about best practices regarding prescription medication errors and how to ensure maximum patient safety was one hospital’s answer to this problem.

While efforts continue to keep patients safe, it can be helpful for any patient who is concerned about an error to talk to an attorney to fully understand the situation and his or her options.

Source: Outpatient Surgery, “A Novel Way to Prevent Medication Errors,” January 20, 2014