Concerns about hip replacement errors

With recent media reports indicating that medical errors are the third leading cause of death around the United States, it is no wonder that Pennsylvania residents are concerned. The need to seek medical care can arise at any time and patients want to trust in the safety of that care. Surgical errors may not always result in death but can still cause problems for patients and are one of the leading categories of medical errors or negligence.

One article that was recently published discussed one particular type of surgical error that has the potential to affect many patients needing hip replacements. According to the report, approximately five percent of all surgical errors involve uneven leg length after a hip replacement surgery. While this may not seem like a serious injury at first, the condition can lead to other hip or back problems for patients if not corrected or addressed in some way.

The number of hip replacement surgeries that are performed each year is expected to double in the coming two decades. Current data shows that more than 300,000 of such procedures are performed annually. Hip replacement candidates are encouraged to talk with their surgeons ahead of time about the potential problem. Additionally, any issues noted after surgery should be addressed promptly before the bones have had time to fuse.

If you have undergone a surgery and have experienced a problem that you believe to be related to the procedure, it could be wise to talk with an attorney. If a true error has occurred, you could be eligible for compensation.

Source:, “Faulty hip replacement could cause different leg lengths,” Lisa Rose, February 17, 2014