Dispute in lawsuit over patient’s medical records

Pennsylvania citizens are as concerned as their counterparts in the rest of the country about the alarming rate of medical errors. With reports indicating that such situations are the third leading cause of death in the United States, such fears appear to be warranted indeed. From a failure to diagnose cancer to a medication error and more, the nature and range of negligent acts is great. In some situations, delayed treatment can lead to a worsened condition and even death.

The family of one woman in Pennsylvania asserts that she was the victim of such a case. The 26-year old recent medical school graduate went to the hospital complaining of persistent headaches and died three days later from severe brain hemorrhaging, brain damage and a stroke due to undiagnosed blood clots. Family members filed a lawsuit recently and now the struggle in the case is over access to the victim’s medical records.

Attorneys for the hospital in question, Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, are asserting that the defense is preventing them from accessing appropriate medical records. An article that reported on the defense’s request for records did not indicate the corresponding response from the plaintiffs’ attorneys. However, it does state that the plaintiffs continue to assert that the hospital should have taken action quicker based upon the patient’s symptoms.

Lawsuits surrounding any medical malpractice, including an alleged wrongful death, can be very complex. Working with experienced attorneys can be one of the best ways that victims or family members can get the level of help they need.

Source: CitizensVoice.com, “Hospital wants info on Sidari’s records,” Bob Kalinowski, March 17, 2014