Hospital and suspended surgeon face fourth malpractice suit

Citizens all around the United States including in Pennsylvania are aware of the risks of medical errors. New studies show that such instances may be the third leading cause of death in the country. Whether due to birth injuries, medication errors, surgical errors or something else, the types of serious injury and trauma that can result is great.

A story in the media recently reported on a new lawsuit filed against a surgeon and hospital in Texas. The case represents the fourth such suit filed against the defendants. The neurosurgeon involved was suspended from practice in June of 2013 after allegations of surgical errors that led to the injury, paralysis or death of other patients. The allegations came from other physicians. The current suit also claims that Baylor Medical Center Plano was aware of the allegations against the surgeon yet continued to let him practice.

In the most recent lawsuit, the defendant alleges that he suffered serious nerve damage and permanent pain due to the incorrect placement of spinal fusion hardware. The story detailing the case filing did not indicate the amount of compensation that is being sought. The article did, however, indicate that the surgeon had a known history of cocaine use when he starting working at the hospital.

It only takes one surgeon mistake to cause organ damage, other permanent injuries or even wrongful death. If you suspect that a medical error has occurred, it may be time to consult with an attorney to get a full picture of your rights in the situation.

Source: Dallas Business Journal, “Baylor Medical Center Plano faces another malpractice suit,” Bill Hethcock, March 31, 2014