One hospital target of three birth injury lawsuits

A medical error of any kind can bring great trauma to victims and their families. When a birth injury case occurs, the devastation that Pennsylvania parents experience can be unparalleled. Birth injuries can result in a premature birth, stillbirth or a lifelong disability such as Erb’s palsy or more. Both mothers and babies can be injured or at risk of death depending upon the specific circumstances.

In Oregon, three separate families have experienced such problems at the same hospital in a small area south of Portland. Each of the families is suing Silverton Hospital for $40 million in damages overall for a total of $120 million. A news article detailed the story of one of the families. The plaintiffs allege that hospital staff did not take prompt action during the birth and delivery process of their child.

A C-section eventually resulted but was conducted too late. Additionally, the case asserts that the baby went a full 14 minutes without receiving the oxygen that was needed. The child has permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy. The media report indicated that a shortage of available staff may have contributed to the events. No details about the other families’ stories were given in the article except that the situations are very similar and the lawsuit amounts the same.

Families who experience problems during the birth of their children frequently incur high medical expenses and other costs to provide long-term care for their injured babies. The need to receive compensation for injuries from these situations is real and talking to an attorney may help to provide that option.

Source:, “3 families sue Silverton Hospital for malpractice,” Andrew Padula, April 11, 2014