Car-bicycle accidents can be especially dangerous to children

We have talked about many different kinds of motor vehicle accidents on our blog. From car accidents to truck accidents to aviation accidents, there are a number of different ways for people in Pittsburgh to be injured. One that we haven’t given much attention to is bicycle accidents. Of course, a cyclist can crash without any other vehicles involved, but they are often quite dangerous when a car crashes into a bicycle.

Injuries to a bicyclist can be quite severe. Even with a helmet, a cyclist has very little protection against even the smallest of cars. Bicyclists can easily be seriously injured or killed if drivers aren’t paying sufficient attention to who is on the road. Not only can a cyclist suffer brain damage and other brain injuries, but he or she may also need to be treated for broken bones, cuts, road burn and a variety of other physical injuries.

One injury that children seem to be particularly at risk of developing is post-traumatic stress disorder. Perhaps it is because they are too young to really understand that a bicycle-car accident is relatively rare and unlikely to happen again, but children become stressed and afraid that their lives are in danger. With this in mind, it is no wonder that they develop PTSD.

According to a study of Swedish children involved in bicycle accidents, nearly one-third of children experience symptoms of PTSD within one month of an accident. Slightly fewer continue to experience psychosocial conditions one year after their crashes.

What many people may forget when filing personal injury lawsuits is that these kinds of invisible injuries deserve compensation just like a physical injury.

Source: Red Orbit, “After An Injury, Many Children Can Be Affected By PTSD,” April Flowers, May 28, 2014