Mismanagement heads list of reasons leading to VA Secretary resignation

Personal injuries can result from many different errors in medical treatment. Pennsylvania residents can be the victims of a surgical mishap or an incorrect medication being dispensed. They can also be subject to the failure to diagnose cancer or another serious condition. Sometimes, medical errors can even occur in part due to poor administrative practices that prevent the timely delivery of proper and full medical care.

A report that came out this spring focused on such issues within the hospital system for veterans in the United States. The document alleged that a great deal of inappropriate management was taking place, including as many as 1,500 patients being kept off of the proper waiting lists for necessary procedures or care. Such actions were asserted to be related to missed diagnoses, delayed diagnoses, worsened condition or even death.

The latest turn of events in this saga has led to the resignation by the Secretary of the Veteran’s Affairs. The man turned in his resignation to the U.S. President, who accepted it at the end of May. He is accused not only of mismanagement but also of falsifying medical records and other actions. It is not known if any criminal charges or lawsuits will be filed against him.

This situation highlights the serious nature of many types of medical errors. Long waits for treatment can exacerbate the spread of diseased by delayed treatment. Patients and their family members are rendered virtually powerless against such situations. Talking to an attorney may be a good way to learn how to get help in these times.

Source: NBC News, “Shinseki Out: Obama Says He’s Accepted VA Chief’s Resignation,” Carrie Dann, May 31, 2014