The evolution of medical malpractice

As the world of medical insurance evolves, patients, healthcare workers and organizations in Pennsylvania and around the nation will be watching to see if changes will also be coming to the world of medical malpractice. Medical errors account for the third largest number of deaths in America according to recent statistics. From traumatic brain injury to medication errors and beyond, the range of injuries is great and the consequences can be severe.

In a recent presentation titled The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medical Professional Liability – an Update, some medical insurance professionals at the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Seminar in Reinsurance predicted some definite changes for malpractice cases. One of these changes they expect is a change in the actual malpractice policy coverage. Some coverage may be broadened to include areas not typically included in current policies.

This change is due to the move away from a centralized point of content for patient care. The Affordable Care Act is reducing the involvement of one presiding physician over all parts of treatment in what is called an expanded care team. Another potential change that is forecasted is a rise in the number of medical malpractice claims. They expect this to happen simply because there will be more people insured and therefore more opportunities for errors or claims.

People who are affected by medical errors have a right to compensation for their injuries or the injuries of their loved ones. Working with an attorney can be a good way to learn what options exist.

Source: Insurance Journal, “How Healthcare Reform Is Challenging Medical Malpractice,” June 16, 2014