PA fatigued drivers are a common cause of truck accidents

A recent blog post about the tragic accident involving actor Tracy Morgan focused on a common cause of fatal car accidents: fatigued drivers. In that accident, a Walmart truck driver rear-ended Morgan’s limo bus, killing one man and severely injuring Morgan and others. The driver had reportedly been awake for over 24-hours at the time of the crash.

Earlier this month, a fatigued Pennsylvania UPS driver caused an accident leaving two people injured. The tractor-trailer driver has since been cited for inattentive driving.

Investigators say that the driver fell asleep at the wheel while driving on the highway, and his vehicle traveled off the road and onto the shoulder. The truck crashed into the guardrail and overturned on to its side and slid to a stop. A car then struck the under carriage of the tractor-trailer.

Firefighters and EMS personnel had to extricate the truck driver from the wreckage. Both drivers were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. While both parties in this accident managed to survive, truck accidents can result in very severe consequences.

Due to their large size and unique performance capabilities, trucks can be dangerous on the road. Car drivers may not be aware of a truck’s limitations and may misjudge an approaching truck’s speed at an intersection or may merge improperly into traffic in front of a truck, thereby causing a collision. Many truck drivers also keep unrealistic schedules and stay awake for long periods of time to make their deliveries on time. Both truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers need to be extra cautious when on the road together.

The consequences of truck accidents can be severe. Victims of such accidents may need the help of an experiences attorney to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve from thos responsible.

Source: ABC 6, “Police: UPS truck driver fell asleep prior to crash on I-95 in Delaware,” June 27, 2014