Various causes of car accidents

Pennsylvania drivers face great risks everyday when headed out on the highway. One such risk is the possibility of being involved in an accident. However, many of these automobile accidents can be avoided if drivers learn more about what causes them. A vast majority of accidents are caused by one driver’s behavior combined with road conditions, equipment failure or other drivers.

Under law, manufacturers are required to design cars that meet certain standards. However, many vehicles experience brake failure, tire blowouts and steering failure every year. While these equipment failures are unlikely to occur, regular inspections will help prevent them. Another cause of accidents is the design of roadways all across the country. Roadway hazards, roadway surfaces and traffic flow all contribute to accidents. Interstate highways have proven to be the safest roads, in part because of their one direction flow of traffic.

While roads and equipment do play a role in accidents, drivers play the biggest role of all. Studies have shown that when a driver is involved in an accident, the driver tends to blame other factors. But, the truth of the matter is that a drivers’ negligent behavior can play a big part in an accident.

One of the leading causes of accidents on the road is speeding. Generally, the higher the speed of the vehicle, the greater the risk of an accident. Exceeding the speed limit by even five mph can have dramatic results. Aggressive drivers who act out towards others on the road could also be responsible for some of these accidents. Aggressive drivers tend to drive quickly, make abrupt lane changes, tailgate and fail to signal. All of these things may cause problems for other drivers.

If a driver acts negligently and causes an accident, the driver may be required to pay for any damages that result from the accident. In order to recover compensation, the injured party must show that the other driver was negligent and the negligence caused the accident. Additionally, the victim must show that their injuries occurred during the accident.

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