Pennsylvania physician subject of errors in multiple states

A single medical malpractice case can relate to a wide variety of problems or situations. Because every patient is unique, no two cases are truly ever alike. From surgical errors to missed or incorrect diagnoses, the range of outcomes can also vary greatly. Birth injuries are another form of medical error that poses great risk to Pennsylvania residents.

While many expectant parents eagerly await the births of their infants, some people choose not to continue pregnancies through to live births. Negligent practices or mistakes can take place during abortions just as they can during labor and delivery processes. A doctor from Pennsylvania is currently operating abortion clinics in two locations in Virginia much to the dismay of some. One report shows that nearly 41 percent of patients experienced problems in the clinics in a one-month time period.

In addition to issues with the Virginia clinics, the physician has faced murder charges in Maryland after multiple fetuses were found frozen near the clinic he was working at. The state of New Jersey suspended his license four years ago for issues involving five patients. At least one abortion performed by the allegedly negligent doctor was noted to have been mishandled according to the New York Department of Health.

Serious injury can result from the inappropriate actions of medical personnel in mere moments. Patients place great trust in their healthcare providers and suffer greatly when that trust is violated. Seeking advice from a lawyer may offer some ideas for how to get help after such events.

Source:, “Horrific Malpractice! Unlicensed Abortionist Still Operating,” Charlene Aaron,August 3, 2014