Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries

Most of our readers know by now that actor Tracy Morgan was involved in a serious accident involving a commercial truck. This case has shown that many drivers do not realize that commercial trucks can be especially dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, large truck crashes resulted in just under 5,000 deaths and over 100,000 injuries in 2006. Commercial trucks can weigh over 25 times as much as a passenger vehicle and can carry hazardous or flammable materials. Because of this, truck accidents are highly likely to result in serious and fatal injuries.

There are certain dangers that come with trucks on the road that passenger vehicles do not have to deal with. For example, commercial trucks have a tendency to jackknife under certain circumstances. This can occur when the truck driver is forced to brake or turn suddenly. Commercial trucks also require more space to make a turn. If a truck driver occupies two lanes while making a turn, they could be held liable if an accident occurs.

Truck drivers are required to exercise a reasonable duty of care when they are behind the wheel of their trucks. This duty is owed to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians on the road and near the roadway area.

When a motorist is involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, the victim may be required to show that the driver of the truck failed to exercise a reasonable duty of care to avoid injury. The motorist also must show that this failure to exercise reasonable care was a cause of the motorist’s injuries. Truck accidents can lead to devastating property damage and injuries, but victims of these accidents may be able to recover damages from negligent truck drivers or the driver’s employer.

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Source: FindLaw, “Truck Accident Overview,” accessed on Aug. 19, 2014