Woman suffers head injury and dies after pedestrian accident

Injuries from car accidents can include anything from mild contusions to severe head trauma. Those who suffer injuries to the head can experience severe headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, paralysis, and tragically, even death. One woman who was recently involved in an accident in Franklin Park suffered from blunt force injuries to her head, which sadly lead to her death.

The accident occurred when the woman ran into a travel lane of I-279 Parkway North at around 4 a.m. Police say that she ran into the right lane, where a minivan crashed into her. Her body was thrown over 200 feet. The driver of the Chevy remained at the scene as the investigation continued. No charges have been yet been filed.

Injuries to the head can lead to brain injuries due to the impact to the brain that interferes with normal brain function. Car accidents are a very common cause of brain injuries. People experiencing numbness, drowsiness, severe headaches or vomiting shortly after an accident may be suffering from a brain injury. Doctors will use a Glasgow Coma Scale Test, CT and MRI scans and questioning of those present at the time of the injury to help determine whether the patient is suffering from a brain injury.

If an accident victim suffers a brain injury, negligent parties in the accident may be held liable for damages.The victim may be able to receive compensation for medical treatment and costs of rehabilitation. If the victim dies from his injuries, the family of the victim may be able to file a wrongful death suit to cover some of these medical expenses as well as other expenses based on the victim’s age and earning potential.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Police identify woman struck, killed on Parkway North,” Jon Schmitz, August 11, 2014