Car accident kills one, causes serious injury to another

Anytime a driver heads out onto the road in Pittsburgh or throughout the state, there is a chance that a car accident will happen. While the majority of drivers adhere to all traffic laws and operate their vehicles safely, crashes happen. These auto accidents might occur for a multitude of reasons, including drivers operating their vehicles recklessly, drivers under the influence or unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of the reason, the aftermath of these accidents can be life-changing.

A car accident involving three vehicles led to the death of one man, while another suffered serious injury. The accident occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m. as an SUV stopped at a red light was rear-ended by a red minivan. The SUV was sent into the opposite lane, where it crashed into another car at the stop light. One of the vehicles ignited in flames. The driver of the minivan, a 67-year-old man, died at the hospital and the driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital with injuries that were said to be serious. The accident investigation is ongoing.

With any kind of accident on the road, there might be injuries or fatalities. Along with that will come medical expenses and long-term issues that must be considered by the person who was hurt, as well as his or her family members. Depending on the nature of the injuries, there might be the need for extended rehabilitation and care. The person might not be able to work and return to independent functionality. If a family and an injured person are counting on the insurance company to compensate them for their costs, lost wages and future expenses, they need to understand that the insurer’s main goal is to save money. Filing a lawsuit is often the only way to protect one’s interests and be compensated fairly.

In this accident, a driver was seriously hurt when his vehicle was rear-ended and sent careening into another vehicle. The driver of the minivan that started the chain reaction was killed. Given the circumstances surrounding this accident, it is imperative that an accident investigation with the interests of the victims be conducted to determine exactly what happened. The first call by those affected should be to a legal professional experienced with the ins and outs of a car accident.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “1 Dead, 1 Injured In Route 65 Crash In Bellevue,” Amy Wadas, Nov. 15, 2014