State trooper hit by SUV and suffers severe injuries

A number of car accidents in Pittsburgh tragically involve innocent pedestrians. These accidents can result in severe injuries that leave the victim struggling for the rest of his life. One Pennsylvania State Trooper experienced some serious injuries himself when he was involved in a car accident in late October. Police say the crash occurred in Westmoreland County in the East Huntingdon Township.

The trooper received a call requesting him to clean up wood pallets on Route 119. He activated his emergency lights and got out of his vehicle to clear the debris. Most drivers slowed down when they saw the scene, but one driver was unable to stop and swerved in between the stopped car and the traffic in the left lane. The trooper was hit by the SUV and was thrown over his patrol car.

The trooper is now in the hospital with severe injuries, including a crushed pelvis, broken bones, and a significant loss of blood that led to head trauma. He will have to undergo multiple surgeries to help him get back to his pre-accident life. While his family and friends are extremely happy that he is still alive, they know that there is no guarantee that he will ever be the same again.

Automobile accidents like this one have a dramatic impact on all involved. When someone is involved in an accident and suffers serious injuries, someone should be held accountable for the damages that occurred. Courts will determine who was at fault for the accident, and that person will likely have to pay for the damages incurred. With financial help, the victim of the accident and their family may have an easier time getting back on their feet.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “State Trooper Hit By Vehicle In Westmoreland County,” Heather Abraham, Oct. 29, 2014