17 Car pileup on Interstate 80 leaves 2 dead, injures 30

A horrific 17-car pileup on Interstate 80 this afternoon in Clarion County left two people dead and injured at least thirty more. It has been reported that the visibility was nearly zero after back-to-back white out snow squalls from Lake Effect snow. Car accidents like this must be thoroughly investigated so that all parties involved are evaluated for their

The accident involved eight tractor trailers and nine cars. It was reported that one of the big rigs involved was carrying hazardous materials, but no spills were reported. The accident happened near mile marker 65 in Strattanville, Clarion County around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon and shut down Interstate 80 for several hours.

Both people killed had actually exited their vehicles. The first was one of the truck drivers involved in the accident who got out of the cabin of his truck to help others who were involved in the accident. The second victim was a father whose children were thrown was his vehicle. Although not seriously injured, the father got out of his car to assist them and was then hit by another vehicle and killed. This is a grim reminder that when multiple vehicle pile-ups occur, it is best not to make any sudden decisions and to survey the area around you before exiting your vehicle and assisting anyone else.

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