Four-car collision hospitalizes 4 people

Car collisions in Pittsburgh are frequent occurrences. While many accidents may be minor fender benders with no injures, there is always the possibility that there will be serious injuries or even fatalities. It’s not just the automobile accidents that are problematic — the aftermath may also have long-lasting effects. Knowing how to navigate the difficult terrain after a crash is one of the most important factors in making a full personal and financial recovery.

A recent accident involving four vehicles sent four people to the hospital with injuries ranging from minor to serious. According to the police, the chain reaction began when one vehicle allegedly failed to negotiate a curve, and ran into the opposite lane and oncoming traffic. One vehicle was sideswiped, and there was then a head-on collision with a third vehicle. After that, a fourth car was hit. The driver who allegedly caused the collision was hospitalized with back pain, and the driver and passenger in the sideswiped car suffered back and leg pain. The driver who was hit in the head-on collision suffered serious leg injuries and was also hospitalized.

Any car collision can lead to the need for medical care and its accompanying costs; there might be long-term damage and the need for extensive care. This can place a strain on the entire family before even getting to the lost wages from not being able to work. These accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, from driving under the influence, to recklessness driving, to hazardous road conditions. Regardless, those who are hurt need to understand what they’re facing. Accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company to preclude litigation is often a mistake.

In this case, four people were hurt in a car collision. While the accident is still under investigation, the three victims who were hurt – who did not cause the collision — should keep in mind that their own interests must be protected. For a possible legal filing and investigation into the accident, a legal professional can be of assistance.

Source:, “4 injured in Mt. Lebanon accident,” Jonathan D. Silver, Jan. 31, 2015