Truck driver fatigue can cause tragedies on the road

From 18-wheelers to tractor-trailers, trucks of all kinds traveling along our East Coast highways are at a risk to be involved in a fatal accident. These trucks are often much larger in size than passenger vehicles. They also tend to carry large quantities of goods, making them much heavier than the average passenger vehicle. These differences in size and weight can turn otherwise minor road accidents into serious, life-threatening accidents. Many accidents occur because a truck driver fails to safely operate his vehicle. The U.S. Department of Transportation has implemented regulations to ensure that truck drivers and trucking companies don’t put other motorists at risk for injury.

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is truck driver fatigue. The Department of Transportation requires that truck drivers take regular rest breaks while working. They also must keep logbooks to prove that they took adequate breaks. However, many trucking companies provide incentives for drivers to drive without breaks.

Even drivers who follow the federal regulations with regard to breaks are sometimes overworked. These drivers will stay on the roads for as long as possible, even if they are too tired to focus on the road. Unfortunately, these fatigued drivers are more likely to commit driving errors. Sleepy drivers are more likely to follow too closely or fail to signal. Truck drivers who fall asleep at the wheel may drift into the wrong lane or run off the road, causing devastating injuries to themselves and other travelers.

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