Brain injury victims have an assertive ally in Pittsburgh

For accident victims suffering from brain injuries, returning to life as they knew it before can prove extremely difficult. The brain is the most vital organ in the body and when it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, a person may struggle with things that used to come easily.

Traumatic brain injuries occur as the result of motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and slip-and-falls on the busy streets of Pittsburgh. The brain is protected by a skull, which sadly does not protect the brain from all possible injuries. Injury to the brain is sometimes immediately apparent, but head injury can also sometimes be harder to detect.

External trauma is not the only way that the brain can be injured. Internal trauma can result in brain injury where there is hypoxia, or a loss of oxygen, or swelling. These can be incredibly dangerous and may result in permanent disability and the need for long-term care.

The severity of the brain injury will impact the victim’s present and future circumstances. In milder cases, doctors may have difficulty diagnosing these smaller injuries. Thus, even mild brain injury can leave victims with headaches, difficulty in memorization and lifestyle, and other challenges which can leave some victims facing a daunting rehabilitation.

No matter what type of accident occurs, no one should ever have to suffer from a brain injury more than they need to. Many severe brain injuries can leave a victim lost and alone. By seeking attorney representation by Gismondi & Associates, victims of devastating accidents may be able to move forward with their lives. With the help of Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys, victims and their families may be able to resume their normal lives and recover financially, physically and emotionally.