Pennsylvania widow to file suit over fatal car accident

Fatal car accidents leave the victim’s families in Pennsylvania and elsewhere struggling to hold on. On top of their emotional grief, families will often have never-ending medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses to worry about. However, wrongful death lawsuits may make the coping process a little bit easier for grieving families.

According to recent reports, a local woman seeks to file a lawsuit against multiple parties involved in the car accident that killed her husband. The woman’s husband, a Ligonier Township police lieutenant, was killed in a head-on crash involving a wrong-way driver. Investigators believe that the wrong-way driver was drunk at the time of the accident. The lieutenant’s K-9 partner was injured in the crash, as well as the wrong-way driver.

In addition to the wrong-way driver, the lawsuit names the negligent driver’s employer, Westmoreland Pools and Spa, for permitting the driver to drink a substantial amount of alcohol on their premises before the accident. The company also permitted the driver to use the company van that he was driving at the time of the crash. The suit also names the Beehive strip club, where the van driver and his passenger spent a few hours before the accident. The suit says that the club should not have let him drive away when he was visibly intoxicated.

State police has reported that the investigation is nearing an end. The District Attorney is waiting on toxicology and vehicle reconstruction reports. The wrong-way driver has not yet been criminally charged. If the lawsuit is successful, the man’s wife and her children will be financially supported by those responsible for this tragedy.

Losing a loved one unexpectedly in a tragic fatal accident can impact a family in several ways. Because of this, loved ones of the deceased should understand how a wrongful death claim could help them. This could provide them with compensation to offset the financial hardship and loss of companionship caused by the incident. This also helps hold a negligent party responsible for his or her actions.

Source: Pittsburgh’s Action News 4, “Widow of Lt. Eric Eslary to file wrongful death,” July 1, 2015