IndyCar driver suffers head injury and dies after accident

Last week, we discussed a tragic car accident resulting in a wrongful death suit against NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Another racing accident has left one IndyCar driver dead as a result of a head injury. Head injuries are common in many motor vehicle accidents, whether they occur on Pittsburgh highways or the racetrack.

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson was hit with a piece of debris from the car of rookie driver Sage Karem during a race at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. Karem, who was leading at the time of the accident, crashed on his own and the debris from his vehicle spread all across the racetrack. Wilson was hit in the helmet by what appeared to be the nose cone of Karem’s car, after it bounced on the track. Wilson was then seemingly knocked unconscious, and his car swerved into the inside wall.

Wilson was airlifted to a nearby hospital. He reportedly suffered a severe head injury and was in a coma. IndyCar announced Wilson’s death soon after. He is the only IndyCar Series driver to pass away since Dan Wheldon in 2011.

IndyCar drivers are more likely to suffer from head injuries because of how IndyCar vehicles are designed and how the helmets are structured. The open-cockpit design allows for the tradition of an open-wheel. The helmets are also open, leaving the drivers’ heads exposed.

When someone suffers a serious head injury that leads to a disability or death, victims and their families may struggle to pay medical expenses, funeral costs and other costs. Filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the injury may help cover some of those costs.

Source: Yahoo! Sports, “IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dies from head injury at Pocono,” Nick Bromberg, Aug. 24, 2015