What damages can you receive after a truck accident?

Pennsylvania residents who have been involved in a big rig accident may have suffered serious injuries. In addition to physical and emotional injuries, these victims may be suffering financially as the medical bills pile up. If the truck driver was at-fault for the accident, the victims may be able to recover damages in court. These damages will help victims get back on their feet and focus on the healing process.

The damages a victim can recover after an accident in Pittsburgh will be based on a number of factors. Some of the most common damages relate to medical expenses, both future and past. After a serious truck accident, victims may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses including hospital stays, emergency room treatments and ambulance fees. Victims may also receive payment for future medical expenses if it can be shown that continued medical care will be needed as a result of the accident injuries. There must be enough proof, including a medical opinion from a treating doctor, so that a jury can estimate how much these future treatments will cost. There are damages available for permanent disabilities, which are best proven by medical testimony.

Other damages an accident victim may recover may relate to lost wages and lost earning capacity. If a victim is unable to go to work after an accident, that victim may recover damages if it can be shown that the work absence was related to the injuries suffered in the crash. Lost earning capacity can be shown by proving that an ability to earn money in the future has been negatively affected by the injuries suffered in the accident. Victims can also recover damages relating to pain and suffering and mental anguish. The amount for pain and suffering will be determined by the jury based on the type of injury and the severity of the pain.

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