NFL cornerback out for season after brain injury

One of the most difficult consequences of a brain injury is that you may not be able to live a normal life ever again. For NFL athletes, many of whom devote their whole lives to football, a brain injury can be devastating for their careers. NFL star Rashean Mathis has been placed on injured reserve and will not play for the rest of the season after suffering a brain injury.

Three weeks ago, the Detroit Lions cornerback suffered a brain injury during a game against the Minnesota Vikings. He traveled with the team to London for the next week’s game and fully participated in practice. However, after experiencing headaches, he was limited in later practices that week. The Lions eventually determined that he should not play in the game due to what they thought was an illness.

It is important that brain injuries are diagnosed immediately to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, the symptoms Mathis experienced went undiagnosed for more than a week after the injury. When the team arrived back in the United States, Mathis underwent testing and was finally diagnosed with a brain injury by an independent neurologist.

A trainer for the team said that Mathis was put back into Stage 2 of the concussion protocol. That means that he can participate in light conditioning. If he can get through that without having any symptoms, he will be allowed to participate in a full-speed cardio workout.

It is unclear whether Mathis will play again. He is the second oldest cornerback in the league and his performance has recently declined. Mathis is just one more example of how brain injuries can negatively impact lives.

Source: M Live, “Rashean Mathis’ season over due to brain injury; future uncertain,” Kyle Meinke, Nov. 14, 2015