Wrongful death lawsuit filed against producers of Tom Cruise film

Plane crashes involving private planes can cause numerous deaths and serious injuries. Airplane accidents in Pittsburgh have left many families devastated.

The family of American film pilot, Alan Purwin, is now grieving the loss of their loved one after an accident. Purwin and Carlos Berl of Colombia were killed when a plane crashed in Colombia during the filming of Tom Cruise’s upcoming film, “Mena.” A pilot from Georgia was injured and hospitalized after the accident. The film is scheduled for release in January of 2017.

Purwin’s widow filed a wrongful death lawsuit against producers on the film. Cross Creek Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Vendian Entertainment and Quadrant Pictures have been named in the lawsuit. Purwin and her children are also suing Berl’s estate.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants know that the accident aircraft would be flown over dangerous terrain, but failed to ensure that Berl was able to handle those conditions. The lawsuit states that the producers did not make sure that Berl was, “qualified, rested, and sufficiently informed for the flight.”

The lawsuit also says that the producers violated the closed set rules of the production company as Berl was not a member of the cast or crew. The producers have yet to comment on the case.

Filing a lawsuit against negligent parties may be the best way for you to financially recover after the loss of a loved one. The courts may award you with damages to cover medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, etc. Financial recovery can give you time to focus on what is really important; learning to live without your loved one after such a tragic loss.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, “Producers of Tom Cruise’s ‘Mena’ sued for wrongful death after plane crash,” Nick Romano, April 16, 2016