Large trucks prove to be dangerous to Pittsburgh motorists

Each year, thousands of people are killed as a result of big rigs on the roadways. Large trucks, including commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, cement mixers, and coal trucks, tend to be harder to navigate than passenger vehicles due to their size and weight.

While the sheer size of these trucks is partially to blame, truck drivers are also responsible for many of the accidents that occur. Many truckers behave negligently and recklessly behind the wheel, and expect other drivers to get out of their way or pay the price. The problem is that when a 60,000 pound truck runs into a passenger vehicle, catastrophic damage and injuries can occur.

Because of the dangers caused by commercial trucks, the Department of Transportation has implemented numerous regulations to keep truck drivers and trucking companies in line. These regulations require truck drivers to take adequate rest breaks and keep logbook records to prove that they didn’t drive too many hours in a row. Any loads attached to the trucks must be properly secured and the trucks must be properly maintained. Brakes must be fully functional and they therefore must be serviced regularly.

While these regulations are useful, many truckers and companies decide to ignore them and take risks on the road. As a result, many motorists are killed or severely injured and have immense financial and physical burdens to deal with for the rest of their lives. The attorneys at Gismondi & Associates have filed many lawsuits against negligent truck drivers and trucking companies, and we have helped families recover financial damages to help with their costly medical bills and other expenses. While nothing can undo the tragedy of a devastating truck accident, financial compensation can help you move forward with your life. For more information on how Gismondi & Associates can help truck accident victims, please visit our website.