Civil claims can result from aviation accidents

Not all aviation accidents involve large commercial aircrafts. In fact, many aviation accidents occur when small aircrafts experience operational or pilot errors. Pittsburgh residents can suffer significant injuries and even death when they are involved in aircraft collisions and crashes on small commuter or recreational airplanes.

Injuries and losses that result from aviation accidents are often compensable, just as damages sustained in car and vehicle accidents are also generally compensable. However, the manner in which an injured party may approach their personal injury lawsuit can greatly differ between land and air-based vehicle accidents. Individuals who are harmed in aircraft incidents can benefit from working with attorneys who include aviation accidents as part of their areas of legal practice.

The Law Offices of Gismondi & Associates work with clients who have suffered losses in airplane and aircraft accidents. From wrongful death claims arising from fatal aviation accidents to negligence claims based on poorly maintained aviation equipment, our firm is prepared to help injured parties understand their legal rights and pursue civil cases for their harmed clients.

Aviation accidents are not as common as automobile accidents, but they can result in losses that are just as significant and can be just as deadly. Preparing a solid claim based on losses from an aircraft crash takes knowledge of the laws that regulate aircrafts and experience with advocating for people who have endured pain and suffering as a result of being passengers in these unique incidents. Please visit the Law Offices of Gismondi & Associates online to learn more about what it offers to its aviation accident clients.