Multivehicle crash sends 7 to hospital

Life can change in an instant for Pittsburgh residents. Often, these sudden changes occur when they are least expected, which is the case when serious automobile accidents occur seemingly out of nowhere. In the minutes and days after the crash, those injured in the incident can be left trying to figure out what happened and what recourse they have to hold the driver who caused the crash responsible.

For instance, a multivehicle crash recently took place in downtown Pittsburgh after a woman lost control of her vehicle and struck an SUV. Another vehicle was also involved in the crash, and a nearby bus shelter and storefront window were destroyed. A total of seven people had to be taken to local hospitals as a result of the incident, with two people listed in critical condition.

Following incidents like the above, those injured may have a legal claim they can bring to hold the other driver accountable under the law. If the other driver caused the accident because they failed to exercise the care required, then that driver is considered negligent. A negligent driver can be held legally liable for causing the accident, which means an award of compensation can be made in favor of the injured party.

Typically, there are a number of different kinds of damages available under Pennsylvania law, including damages to compensate a person for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Accordingly, it is vital that those who are injured in a car accident know their rights and what steps need to be taken in order to hold the negligent driver responsible.

Source: WPXI, “7 hospitalized, bus shelter destroyed after multivehicle crash in downtown Pittsburgh,” June 12, 2016