We represent victims of aviation accidents

Aviation accidents are rare. For the most part, Pittsburgh residents who travel by air may live their entire lives without ever being involved in aircraft-based accidents. Unlike car accidents which affect many Pennsylvania drivers each and every year, aviation accidents are unusual in this age of modern flight.

However, just because aviation accidents are uncommon does not mean that they never happen. Airplane and aircraft collisions and incidents can be incredibly dangerous and can put pilots and passengers at great risk of injury and death with they occur. There are a variety of reasons that aviation accidents happen, such as pilot error, poor aircraft maintenance, and others, but often it is difficult for victims and their families to sort through the facts of an aviation accident case to determine what rights they have in the wake of the tragedy.

Not all personal injury law firms include representation for aviation accident victims in their practices. For this reason it is important for victims and their families to choose lawyers who work with aviation law and not simply attorneys who take on general personal injury cases. The law behind aviation accidents is complex, but the attorneys of Gismondi & Associates are prepared to work with their aviation accident clients to ensure that they know just how to pursue their rights to compensation.

From gathering evidence to build a negligence case based on an aviation accident to providing their clients with clear information about how to approach civil litigation, the attorneys of Gismondi & Associates are ready to take on new clients whose claims arise from airplane and aircraft accidents. To learn more about the firm please visit its website dedicated to the representation of victims of aviation accidents.